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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

howdy all?

was wondering what to write...its been a pretty busy week so far as well..the festive season has started and accordingly the sales targets have gone up...this area has to do a 150% growth in sales...anyways..that will happen..nothing to worry about :)

read this quote somewhere so thought i would share it with u all

“The only way of finding the limits of the possible is by going beyond them into the impossible”

- Arthur C Clarke.

Btw i went to india gate last sunday with a friend and had a good time here is a pic of India gate for you all

(India Gate is a world war 1 memorial dedicated to Indian soldiers who fought for the British. The names of all the soldiers are inscribed on the monument)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

lost..was i?

well...its been some time since i havent blogged...and guess it was a lil surprising to see no one even asking where i was!!..

newaz had a busy last week...and was out for a conference at Jim Corbett National Park this week..came back today...

hope u guys are having a great time..


Monday, September 15, 2008

dilli rocks!!

Wanted to write something last saturday and thought about putting up a post that night, but my thought process was interrupted by the Serial blasts that rocked Delhi that evening... At 6.30pm me and my entire family was glued to the TV watching horrific images of the blasts that ripped across 5 places in New Delhi..there was blood on the streets, injured people, dead bodies on the streets of Delhi being beamed on TV channels all across the country...

The one thing that moved all of us was the amazing solidarity shown by the people of this city when it came to managing the situation. The security agencies took control swiftly, the injured were moved to the hospitals as fast they could be, all the important markets in New Delhi were evacuated and search for more bombs began..Soon 5 more live bombs were diffused in and around Connaught Place. The NSG (the elitest force in the country) took over and defused the bombs, collected the forensic samples from the bomb sites for further analysis.

I had booked tickets to go for an 11.30pm show with my friends but had to cancel because of the security situation, hopefully i will go this week sometime...

The next day morning, New Delhi was back to normal, everyone was out on the street, the markets where the blasts had occured had opened shops again, everyone was standing shoulder to shoulder, ready to face yet another day and not to bend to the threat of terror.

Dilli dilwalon ki...Tujhe salaam

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Q n A time

I was watching this program on Channel [V] where this VJ was interviewing people at a Globus outlet in Mumbai(not sure of it though)...and she asked the following 3 questions...the replies are mentioned below..

Q1) If you are standing at the Gateway of India, in which direction would the sun rise??

A1) Umm....towards my left..(n i am
A2) Right...
A3) Infront of me...(huh...intelligence)
A4) Behind me..(wow...superb thinking people)

Q2) Which is the nearest waterbody to Mumbai??
A1) Indian Ocean... (wowww)
A2) I dont know..(better accept that u dont knw)
A3) Pacific Ocean..(awesome...this should win the best prize if i was giving one)
A4) Bay of Bengal (way to go lady....brilliant)

Q3) If travelling from India to US..which would be the shortest way...East or West??

A1) clue..
A2) Equal....
A3) West..(bcos the plane takes off from mumbai which is in West india)

Well i had a good laugh at all these let me see you guys come up with your answers ...


Sunday, September 7, 2008


the last week has been pretty tiring...lots of travelling..travelled for 4 days out of the 5 working ones...

Monday went to a place called Bahadurgarh...its abt 30kms from my place...and then came back to the branch office in the day...

Tuesday went to Panipat and is like 150kms one one way...travelled for almost 300kms that day...

Wedneday went to Rohtak which is like 80kms one way...on the way back came to Bahadurgarh...travelled almost 170kms that day...

Thursday went to Rewari which is like 70kms and then to a place called Mahendargarh in the interiors another 55kms travelling 250kms...and Friday i was in the office in Gurgaon thankfully

Well all these cities/towns are in i handle the entire state as an

Met my MBA friends of them was on his way to Bangalore so it was nice to meet up with him after a long time..he is one of my really good friends from MBA...and the other one is working in Delhi only and it was good to meet up with him finally as we both have been caught up with our work respectfully...when i was there with them...those 4 hours just flew by...didnt even realise that we had been sitting at a CCD in Connaught place and just kept on catching up on old memories...not so old..but then its almost 5 months since we completed our MBAs and moved into the corporate world..

btw it was nice to see the good numbers of PYTs in CP again...awesome crowd man...a treat for sore eyes :D :D missing my MBA college posting this video here again..that we made..

for those who havent seen it a dekko...and for those who ve seen it before...enjoy it again..

till there...cheers!!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Teachers day crushes..

Tomorrow is teachers day in India...a day on which we salute and honour all our teachers/professors who have made added some value to our lives in howsoever big or small way...

On this day we honour our Lt President Radhakrishnan, who was a teacher before he went onto become the president of India.

But other than just honouring our teachers/professors on this day...i would like to ask you if any of you had any crushes on your school teachers/professors.... I had my share of them in school...and to just name a few

1) Civics teacher (social sciences)...awesomely hot..sultry..and the way she carried herself, Sushmita Sen would have felt an inferiority complex..When she walked the corridor, the smell of her perfume lasted for like 15mins....

2) My english teacher...oh man...had never seen anyone carry the saree off better than her... It was simply awesome...

3) Computer Sc teacher..well she didnt teach me...but she was a sight to see in the computer lab..

Never had any crushes during my engg/mba as there werent any crush worthy teachers there..

So lets get to know your crushes...