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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Diwali !!

Heya Everyone!!

Happy Diwali to everyone..

Hope you all have a very happy and prosperous Diwali.

I managed to be home this year for Diwali and it has been so much fun..bursting a few crackers..hogging up on sweets n chocolates n dry fruits is so much fun..

This time around i had the chance of having a single malt scotch..n trust me it was amazing n very smooth :D :D

This is a video of yesterday's Diwali night



Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Inglorious Bastards

How many times have you seen Inglorious Bastards?? I have seen it once and i am craving to see it again!! Maybe again and again.

Inglorious Bastards is an amazing movie by Quentin Tarantino. After seeing Kill Bill series one could expect the class of this movie but then this time around Mr Tarantino seems to outdone himself.

Inglorious Bastards takes you through the life of Jews living in Nazi occupied France and the way the Jew Hunter played by Christopher Waltz tracks them down with his patient and determined technique.

I dont want to reveal the plot more, so for those of you havent seen it, go ahead and watch it. It is worth the money spent!!


Sunday, October 4, 2009

Roaming around...

Hello All,

Been a while since i ve been on my own blog...seems like eternity since i have had the time to write here and talk to you here i am with another of my efforts to put up another post here and keep myself going on this blog..after all Fighters always Fight

Well i have been in Mumbai for a month now and havent really gotten a chance to explore much due to the hectic workdays. Travelling from Wadala to Andheri takes its toll on the hours in the day but i have been to a few places in mumbai and here are my views on them

1)Red Box - Lokhandwala Andheri - For all those people who like to have good italian food with nice music and a nice drink then this is the place to be..was there yesterday night..went there after a wet on my way..but it was worth the run in the rain to get there...the music was awesome at 11.3o in the night..fultoo punjabi music...the place serves awesome garlic bread and good pastas..all in all a nice place to hangout with friends...\

2)Happy Singh - Andheri (e)...Been to this place twice to and trust me the food here takes you back to the punjabi food u get in delhi..loved the tandoori chicken there..though they could spice up the music a bit..all in all a nice place to go dine in..if u love punjabi food..especially tandoori chicken n all

3)Fame Cinemas- Lokhandwala Andheri - Nothing great but the legroom in the seats is pathetic..i saw District 9 there..the movie was amazing but the theatre is like..craapppppppp..........

4)Fun Cinemas - Lokhandwala Andheri - Nice theatre..Saw Wake up Sid there yesterday..nice is the kinda movie , all college going people would associate with...the legroom is amazing..the seats comfortable..screens are big and the acoustics are good...

5)PVR cinemas - Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel - This is an amazing place to be..PVR is the trademark of cinemas in Delhi..for a delhite, ntn beats PVR Cinemas...saw Inglorious Bastards there...Quentin Tarantino at his best...The seats at PVR are amazing..awesome leg room..comfortable seats....awesome food was worth the effort to go there in the rain from CST to Colaba to Churchgate to Lower Parel...

6)Noodle Bar -Phoenix Mall, Lower Parel -Had diner at Noodle bar..Good and decent food..the ambience is nice..ntn great..but a nice place to have a meal...

Some pics:

Today afternoon..view from 11th floor of the building

Another view from the 11th floor window..

Night view from the 11th floor window...

This looks even more amazing after midnight..although this pic was taken at arnd 8pm..

Well thats from my end right now about my Mumbai escapades..will keep the post updated :)