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Sunday, January 31, 2010


What am i doing today..Nothing much actually but just remembering the awesome times i had during my MBA..was just going through the Nostalgia DVD to see the amazing photographic memories and what each one of us wrote about each other..

It was an amazing time and those 2 years just flew by. It wouldnt have happened if i hadnt had those friends with me there. I dont know if any of you read my blog but you all rock and together we rocked during our MBA.

Some interesting incidents from MBA

BV class:
Prof : Tell me the difference between balance sheet and income statement..
Student : Sir, Balance sheet is a photograph of a company. Income statement is a video of the company!!

Student 1(name changed due to request): What will happen to a salesperson selling sanitary napkins if he helps them in trying it out.
Student 2: He would be caught red handed.

During KM
Student1:I would suggest the Marketing Manager to be the knowledge Management Head
Student2:How do you suppose a non technical person like the Marketing Manager to Head Knowledge Management
Studen1:It can happen that way, like you got into infosys.
(The whole class bursts out laughing)
Student2: Grrrrr....

Oh and BTW, this blog also came to life during my MBA only :)


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mile sur mera tumhara

Happy Republic day to all..

A tribute to India - 1988

A tribute to India 2010