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Sunday, October 31, 2010

an old memory

A memory of the Mumbai Central railway station - a few yrs ago..about 8 years i guess...

I was going home after the 1st semester break during engineering. I had come down to Mumbai from Pune to board the Punjab mail to my home in Delhi. I reached Mumbai with my friend from engg and went to my school friends place in Mumbai.

Met him after more than an year but it was still like old times. Had good fun at his place and it was good to see the friendship continue.

He came to drop us at Mumbai central from where we had to board the train and he too wanted to jump onto it..he too wanted to go to Delhi after all someone very important to him lived there..he was as desperate as anyone could board that train with me..but then he knew he couldnt at that point of time...and all i could do was tell him.."dude...dont worry..everythings gonna be ok..just hang in and have faith"...

its been 8 years since has been good to him..and everythings good...and i am happy for him..and for the fact that we still are friends...

Monday, October 4, 2010


Nothing describes Delhi better than these words by Ghalib

asked my soul "What is Delhi"


my soul replied "The world is the body, Delhi its life"