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Sunday, November 29, 2009

sometimes again..

It was 9.30 in the night when he came back..He was tired after walking 2.5kms on the dusty and polluted road from his office to his home.. he changed into his shorts and tshirt..had his dinner...and switched on his laptop..

After working on it for more than 12 hours in the day, he shouldnt have been switching on the laptop but then this time the reason for switching on the laptop wasn't work...this was the part of the day he looked forward to every night..he waited for the internet to get connected and for skype to go live and for her to be online.....he had a few minutes with him before the laptop booted, the security settings kicked in, the internet got connected and skype got connected...

He lied down on the bed with the laptop on his side.. he closed his eyes and saw her face..that amazing smile which could mesmerize anyone..that cute nose and those sexy all literal sense it was "if looks could kill"...

He turned in the bed and those amazing moments when they had kissed for the first was so amazing and beautiful.. there was some dare devilry also involved in it..but then it was one of the best moments ever.. something he was looking forward to once she returned... he smiled to himself and the images of those moments kept flashing in front of him...

He felt a buzzing sound around him...he turned around with his eyes closed..his hand searched for the was coming from under his pillow..he picked it was his was ringing and it was on silent mode...he pressed a button and brought the phone to his ear.."Hey Rahul..are you in office yet??"..It was 9.30 again..9.30am...

Saturday, November 21, 2009

the seatbelt buckle..

Kingfisher flight IT 301 is ready to depart now, all guests are requested to board the flight from gate no 7..the announcement was made...he looked up and saw the passengers queuing up to board the was time to close his laptop and board...the announcement was made again..he finished packing the laptop into the bag and handed over the boarding pass to the airline staff at the boarding gate..

He always preferred the left aisle seat, it somehow gave him room to cross his legs and sit more comfortably..the Kingfisher staff was nice and sweet..he made his way to 20c, kept his laptop bag in the overhead bin and sat down..he hadnt seen one hot girl in the entire 8 rows that he had crossed..."damn.." he thought...he took out the newspaper and glanced through the article on Sachin Tendulkar caught his eye and he started reading it..

"Excuse on 20B"..she said...he looked up..he saw her..her hair was falling over her face after she had kept her bag in the overhead bin..she had a faint smile on her face...

"excuse me..can i go in"..she said again..he smiled and got up..she said "thank u" and made her way in...once she had settled down..she straightened her hair up..buckled herself up..switched off her cellphone..plugged in the earphones and started watching the show that was coming on screen..and he was just looking at her from the corner of his eye and thinking.."wow"..finally..first time ever..."i have a hot girl sitting next to me in flight"..he was overjoyed...

the safety instructions were carried out..the cabin light was dimmed..her face was still shining in the afterglow of the screen infront of her...the flight took off..the lights came on...the airhostesses served water and food..she ate her food..he ate his food..she went back to watching the show on the screen and he went back to watching the show on his screen...and still they didnt talk..or rather even look at each other...although all he wanted to do was just look at her...

2 hours went by..the flight reached its destination..the captain made the announcements..the airhostesses did the customary checks..and they landed safe and sound...the plane reached the parking bay..he unbuckled himself..and switched on his mobile phone and looked at her..her seat belt buckle wasnt wouldnt budge..she tried a few more times..but the buckle didnt open..and then she looked at me and said.."can you please open this?"..the word were like music to his ears..and he smiled..and said "sure"..he moved his hands to hold the buckle of her seat belt..he opened the buckle and applied some pressure to open it..and it opened...she was free..she smiled and said "thank u so much"..he smiled back and said "no problem"...

they both got up, picked up their bags , got off from the flight and went their own ways..........not knowing if they would ever bump into each other again....

Friday, November 20, 2009


Rahul was sitting in the office..wondering how much he missed much he longed to be with her..hold her and just be there with her..

He was the brand manager of his division but right now he wasn't thinking about how the brand was performing in the market right now..well he didn't have to..things were going on fine..and he could let his thoughts be focussed just on her..

She wasnt there with him..she was in an another country...let alone another was a whole new world there...she had gone there to finish her masters degree...He knew he would be missing her alot..but then both of them had to be strong....even Saloni missed him alot...she would think about him all day long..the time when they walked around in malls holding hands..hugging each other in the car..the time when he lifted her off her all brought a smile to her face..

Here he was sitting in his chair..remember when he would get home..and start chatting with her, hear her beautiful voice..that was the best part of the day..something he looked forward to every evening/night depending on the work he had...and then his phone began ringing...

it was his Boss....

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Have you been to Leopold's? Do you know what is Leopold's? I am sure all Mumbaikars know what Leopold's is. It is one of the most famous places in South Bombay (woopsie..Mumbai) to go and have a beer.

It is no plush and luxurious bar or a pub, but just a simple restaurant on the busy Colaba road. It is a place that anyone visiting Mumbai visits wants to visit and 2 reasons that have attributed to that are a) its mention in the novel Shantaram and b) for it was one of the places that was showered with bullets during the 26/11 attack on Mumbai.

But then again after that unfortunate incident, Leopold's was back on its feet as soon as possible, much stronger and much more famous.

I was there a few weeks back with a friend of mine to go and have beer there. I had been in Mumbai for more than 2 months and i still hadnt been there. I am sure for both of us, me and my friend, it wasnt the beer that made us go there. We could get the same beer anywhere else closer to our house but then the place had a charm that we went from one corner of the city to the another to just be there.

When we reached there around 9pm, it was jam packed, choc a block, we had to wait 15mins to get a table and that too we had to share it with some people but we didnt mind doing that. There were all sorts of people there young, old, middle aged, rich, super rich, middle class, upper middle class, indian, foreigners all of us sitting in the same area, rubbing chairs and shoulder with each other but enjoying ourselves, and that was the best part, you didnt have to worry about who the guy sitting next to you was, he could be an actor, celebrity, business tycoon but they and you care about is enjoying that glass of cold beer(any other drink too) with all the noise around you but still be at peace.

One more fact, beer pitchers in Leopold's are not exactly pitchers, see below :)

So guys if you are in Mumbai, then you should definitely go to Leopold's sometime


Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is it

I went to watch "This is it" yesterday evening and trust me, it was one of the best decisions i have ever made.

It is an amazing movie. Simply superb collection of backstage videos/recordings of rehearsals of the 50 concerts tour of MJ and had it taken place if the king of pop was still alive, it would have been one of the best tours of this era in all forms of entertainment and music.

MJ's dedication and focus towards music and his fans is amazing and all that was evident in the effort and hardwork that went into the rehearsals of his shows.

He knew his music like his own breathing rhythm and he ensured that his support group also knew the music like their breathing rhythm.

Billie jean/Thriller/Heal the world and all his tracks would have been re-born and they might have been reborn already.

He made it all look so simple and with it he brought a cause into it, a much bigger cause than just to mint money, but to spread the message of love and to save the planet.

I dont want to take the fun away , so for all you die hard music fans, who once would have idolized MJ, practised the moon walk when we were kids go and watch his last show.

Here'a a glimpse

This is it