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Sunday, April 27, 2008

more updates :)

well well well.....been four days since i updated the blog...n get to check my mails after long long gaps..which at times can run into more than 12hrs or so..... :D

so the story so far...left delhi on 24th evening..the flight took off an hr n half late....stupid congestion at the airports the spicejet flight SG 119 was good....the airhostess were not too great but there was one Ms S who was pretty cute and good to talk to..and she had a nice smile....
reached mumbai arnd 9.45pm..and came straight to the guest house of the company...had a good diner...met up a friend from my institute who joined HUL along with me..

The next day, had to report to the Head Office at 9am, so got up at 6.30am...took my ready...and left for the station at 7.45am to catch the fast local to one at 7.59am from andheri station...and reached office at around 8.50am....met the person we were supposed to meet at 9.15am...finished up the formalities, got the company laptop, I Card and the visiting cards with my name :D....spent some time filling the forms and then headed for lunch..there were different types of lunches in the for people who are dieting free from office at 3pm...and now i have to report to someone who sits in the HUL office in the Intercontinental Grand Hotel in mumbai on monday...

was getting pretty bored in the one was i called an old engineering friend of mine and went off with him to roam around mumbai abit...went to bandstand with him...saw that area for the first time...also saw the bunglow of Shahrukh Khan from its gate..looks pretty good...walked around the entire length of the pavement at was better than sitting in the guest house n getting it was fun....there must ve been abt 100+ couples getting comfortable there on the sidewalk...was pretty funny to see all that came back to andheri..had diner with my friend at a restaurant here.....came back at around 11.30pm...wanted to go browse but there are no interent cafe's in the came back to my room..watched FRIENDS for sometime and then dozed off....

it was the weekend up a little late...had breakfast..and then discovered that i could access the net using the phone line here via dial up..and also discovered that it is bugging slow to use that net..but thats the only option i had and i still have.....then decided to call up my friends in pune...and fixed up the plan to go there....took a volvo bus in the evening and landed up in pune by around 8.30pm..met a friend and his wife...had diner with them...then went to watch a movie with another friend...and finally crash landed at a friends place at 2am...talked for a while n then dozed up around 10...had breakfast and roamed around pune for a while...damn the city feels like home to is a second home to me...mumbai feels like strange land...feel totally lost in mumbai...the day went by quickly and in the evening took a volvo back to mumbai...reached mumbai arnd 10.30pm...had diner...and then logged on the bugging dial up connection to check the blog and post out here...

its 12.30 in the night now...will check all the blogs tomorrow as and when i can manage please bear with me...hope you all are having a good time and enjoying yourself...

@spiky...will do the tag soon :)
@dollface ...will do the tag soon :)

cheers!!take care

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

many fold post.....

2 weeks at home...and time flies came back home for 2 weeks...after a stint of 7 years outside delhi (4 yrs engg in pune + 1 yr work with HSBC in pune + 2 yr mba in trichy)....n now my joining date has come as 25th April and i have to report to my company's ie Hindustan Unilever Ltd( formerly HLL [ Unilever India] ) office in mumbai on 25th April...

will be joining as a manager in the sales and marketing division and i still dont know where they will give the final posting after the orientation training is over in i get a few days in Mumbai...may go to Pune over the weekend if i have the time...n i seriously dont knw if i would be able to meet "my friend" (refer the previous post)...once i get of now i dont intend to meet her....

anyways coming back to the post...the last 2 weeks have been amazing..well it didnt start off so good with me coming back to see Dad in the hospital...but all is well..he got discharged next day..all tests cleared..and now hes fit n fine..back to work n life as usual... :) up with a lot of friends this time around..which is good...met up with my best friends from school on my birthday...had a good time with them..n thanks guyz for making my bday so much fun...had a family get together at home that night..n it was good to be with all my relatives n cousins after so long...

went to watch the IPL match between Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals...had free passes :D...but seriously i enjoy watching the match on the TV rather than a stadium...unless you are at behind the sidescreen there is no point sitting in the stands on the square is just someone batting...someone bowling and someone fielding still had a good time with my friends there :)

saw Krazzy 4...absolutely crap...i mean dont see it unless u get to see it on TV for free :D...went to Near East at priyas n met another group of school friends after about 4-5 years was good to spend time there...n Near East has good food...meanwhile my folks had organized a "paath" at a gurudwara for the international audience "paath" is the recital of the Guru Granth Sahib over a period of 3 days..(Guru Granth Sahib for Sikhs is like the Bible for Christians or the Geeta for Hindus or the Qoran for Muslims) that was good...and finally it concluded with Langar on Sunday (langar is community meal served at the Gurudwara where everyone eats without any bias of any sort)...

well this was till Sunday...then Monday i was busy with getting dad's bank work done and getting his car repaired....been lazing around also at home for the last 2 its getting very hot in delhi now...feels like home :D

tonight i might go for diner with my family to Le Meridian..lets see if that works out.. i hope the food there is good n worth it :) and tomorrow evening i fly off to Mumbai to join the big bad corporate world once again...


well Humble Devil had tagged about somethings i would like to do before i take a hike towards heaven/hell...inspired from the Bucket List...which i think is an amazing flick...

so heres my list


1) Siachin Glacier
2) Arunachal Pradesh (its awesome i have heard)
3) Egypt
4) Australia
5) France/Germany


1) White water rafting
2) Bunjee Jumping
3) Para Gliding
4) Drive the snow scooter
5) Scuba Diving


Well i tag


Saturday, April 19, 2008

yet another short story

It was a rainy august afternoon in 2005...he had just completed his engineering a few months back...and today was the big day...he was going to start working...he had been selected by this decently good IT company frm campus..n it was a good job..he entered the awesome was amazing...the glas structure was so majestic...he went to the room where another 100 more people who were going to join with him were sitting...waiting for the formalities to be completed...she was also there...with her friends...chit chatting..laughing and enjoying herself...

The training period was for 2 months...and was conducted at another site...slowly as time passed by..he got to know her better and they became good finished n they were very good friends by then...she was having a rough time in her already on relationship..and the friendship became stronger as time passed by...after a few months...she started seeing another guy at work..whom everyone else kinda hated in the offce...even he hated the bf...never had liked him anyways...that changed alot of things...friends became less prioritized and distances increased...she was just with the bf mostly...but then she was happy n he was happy for her..but they argued a lot...fought alot....over she not spending more time with her frnds and just ignoring them completely...

a few more months passed and he left the company to do his MBA...the contact/communication between them remained to social networking sites...emails etc..but ntn more...and then after a few months...she was sent onsite on a project for 3 months...the relationship was over as both their families didnt see it working out...n the bf got married to someone else..then...she n her back talking again...they both were happy...she was in Canada..he was in India...but they were chatting often...and during the course of time...they started flirting a lil...things were good...n then they met up again in June when she had come back n he had gone to the same old city for a few days after the end of first now her parents were getting after her life to get the proposals had started coming in....he n her talked abt it...he had changed alot to accomodate anything and everything she that she was happy....

the company sent her onsite again for a few months...she had decided to give GMAT by then...and was already she gave her exam..gotta good score..and after the onsite project tenure got over..she came back to India...things were hotting up on the family side to get her married...25 n still single...elder daughter...she had to get married soon....January 2008 till march 2008...the heat was on..everyother weekend prospective grooms came n went by..but she didnt like anyone...there was ntn in common....she and he talked...flirted all this while...he soaked up all her tantrums...was there for her to let her speak out..n get all the frustation out of her...then things started to cool down...the MBA admissions in US universities came through...the stress was now on finalizing the loans for the fees for 2 years...

she was less stressed now...she n him were back to talking..back to the flirting part again...things were good...n fine night...just before he was about to finish his MBA...she asked him to come to the city..she wanted to talk..face to face...she wanted to know what was in his heart...did he want to say anything or not....that night the talk got extended..n he told her everything..he told her he found her attractive...n was maybe kinda attracted towards her...but it wasnt huge or big...she told him she had been on a couple of dates with someother guy ...but it wasnt serious as she was going to leave in 2 months for US...n he was like ok...she said...we ll talk face to face n then see....

its been 10 odd days since then..he finished his MBA..came back home..n she was hell busy with her work...thats what she said...didnt take calls..and all....and today on chat..when he tells her that he may not be able to visit her this time around...she tells him...she has a boyfriend...things have progressed and blah blah blah....and he was he knew that this was enough...he had more talking to her...he realized that some friendships arent forever...sometimes u ve to even let go of friends and move on....and with that thought in mind...he deleted her number from his cell...even though its there on his fingertips... :D..he did the right thing..didnt he??


btw heres a pic of my birthday cake

yummmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! aint it :D :D

PS...btw the story is not a piece of fiction

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Happy Birthday to me :) :)

Woooooooooooooooofffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please ignore the time n date the post was published..its on GMT..n not IST)

Time flies by and you dont even get to know it eh?? I cant believe i have turned 25 i know i have..but it just seems like i am 21 or 22...just seems lik e i have done a graduation n not a post graduation..n i am gonna walk out and face the corporate world... :D...anyhow i will be doing that soon too with Hindustan Unilever (Unilever India) , now that i have completed my MBA...

well TODAY (17th April) is my day....its all about me...n i sure am gonna enjoy it..

Happy Quarter century to me...

for those who wanna wish me personally can ask me for my number :D :D..for those who want to send me gifts...please do :D

anyways take care guys

god bless u all

Monday, April 14, 2008

time of the aries

Dads home...and hes fit n fine...all tests came out normal... :) :) everyones happy n thankful....n thank u guyz for all the wishes n support :)

dont know what to post about...a little sleepy...but looking forward to 17th of this i get to complete my quarter century on that day i decided to dedicate this post to the sun sign i am..n that is aries..not that i believe in all this..but its just good fun to read :D

Aries are:

  • Warm hearted
  • Concerned about appearances in the social and personal sense
  • Committed to what they believe in
  • Courageous
  • Born leaders
  • A bit headstrong

Aries and Flirtation

Aries' flirtation style is direct and immediate. You'll hear compliments on how wonderful your hair or clothes look, especially at this very moment. Aries like to get things going faster than you may be used to and you could be asked on a date so effortlessly that you don't even realize you should get dressed up. But once you catch on to Aries' intentions, it never hurts to play a little hard to get. Aries love a good chase.

Aries - Love Traits

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac sign. People born under the Aries zodiac sign are just like a newborn child, naive and unquestioning. Just like a child, they demand their wishes to be fulfilled first. That does not mean they are selfish. They are just incapable to see beyond their world. They are dynamic and quick-witted individuals who can rebel if provoked. They are fun to be with and will amaze you with the fun filled activities they come up with, for passing time. Though they can hurt when tempers flare up, they can forgive and forget as easily.
  • Aries have a strong sense of romance.
  • They are very possessive of their loved ones and are prone to jealousy.
  • They are very expressive in love and are not the ones to hold back their feelings.
  • Aries are very faithful to their loved ones and do not go straying after other people once they find their match.
  • They love spontaneity in a relation
Aries and Romance

Aries loves the hunt and will do whatever it takes to get the prize they want. The question in their mind will often be whether it's a prize worth keeping. Aries will take risks during the chase and would love the object of their affections to do the same. That give-and-take can keep things more than interesting and going for quite some time. There is no doubt that Aries is seductive and will prove hard to resist. Sparks will fly in this competitive pas de deux, and it's all the better where the Ram is concerned. A mental attraction for impassioned Aries is often the first step and the indicator as to whether things will progress. If things work their way down -- watch out! Once hooked, Aries loves strokes and tender caresses and a lover who will tell them that they are the best.

i wonder which all are true out of them :D

so guyz..lets hear abt wat ur horoscopes say :D


Sunday, April 13, 2008

back home finally!!

hey r u all???hope u having a great time...well i just got back home today...MBA over...finally done with studies... :D

drove down from Trichy to Chennai yesterday...had an awesome time driving on that 320 km stretch..the last 100 kms is pure bliss with an amazing smooth...... :D...met up with a friend of a senior batch of my institute...had diner with him...and then stayed the nite at the guesthouse of the company for which my dad works... :)...always good hospitality there :D

took the afternoon flight for back home to delhi from good airhostesses this to write on newaz was way to got back home at arnd 3.30 in the afternoon today..wanted to reach home asap n then head to the dad's admitted there...well it came as a suprise to me too..i was told abt it only after my exms got over n wen i was abt to start driving to glad hes ok......he was feeling giddy on friday evening after returning from the family doc got him admitted to the hospital to check for any concerns...but till now all tests ve been positive and he should be coming back home tomorrow...

anyways im off to go to the hospital..will be spending the night there with him...c u guyz later...have fun :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

the best days of my life

2 years went by...and didnt even realize that time flys by so fast...well i am talking about my MBA...almost completed it..with just one exam to go on saturday n then i go back home for a few days before joining Hindustan Unilever (Indian division of Unilever Plc) in the managerial cadre :) and start earning some good bucks :D

i have had the most rocking time of my life here..made some amazing friends..lived a life of fun, responsbility and with great instincts to survive in down south been a great roller coaster ride to be enjoyed.... i am a part of the PR committee of my institute and it was awesome fun in ensuring what me n my team could do for uplifting the image of the institute...and making it known better at the national and international level :)

had an amazing time discovering new places in southern india...probably some stuff i ld ve never done unless n until i ld ve been forced im thankful to my institute for giving me the opportunity to explore south india a bit n also have some adventure along with it :)...

enjoyed eating south indian food on a daily basis...something being a north indian i wouldnt ve done otherwise...learned a few words in tamil...n it feels good to knw it a bit...even though it might just b

my institute allowed me the opportunity to get back to playing football again after a gap of 1 hr...and tht has been really amazing...i totally love the game...enjoy playing it to the the chance to b a part of the team that lifted the tournament cup here this time n it was an amazing feeling to do so...

another thing i got to do is...look at quizzing as a serious option...started to quiz at my institute..participated in a few inter college quiz events...won a few prizes....ended up organizing 2 national level online quiz events for the first time in the history of my institute...i was helped by an amazing team that supported me to the core and both the events were a huge success...check

my group devil's corner became the most known grp in the institute for being the grp that pulled everyone's leg n all we did was just ve fun...n v enjoyed having fun to the core...

well theres so much more but dont wanna bore u...just looking forward to going home now..

btw posting a video here that my committee n the marketing club at my institute made for an intra college ad event....check it out...but plz use headphones if u r in office or not alone while watching...seriously recommended....

let me know abt ur views on this video...the first 40 seconds.... :D

btw in between i also learned a bit of management...helped me get 3 i had to take up one in the end :)..but thts ok...

do check out the Devils corner video on this post : DC Video

on 12th it ll be time to bid adieu to my insitute...but the memory will live on forever...These were the best days of my life :)


Sunday, April 6, 2008

2 tags at one time

so this time im doing 2 tags...

here is the first one..this one was by Jiggs...n is goes like this


Write 5 things you would do or like to do if you had a chance to change into the opposite sex...
(i ll let sum part of my imagination run wild :D)

1) Ensure that i ve an hr glass figure..36-24-36 ( for those who arent aware of what "the hr glass figure is"..) ... :D or atleast 26 if not 24 :D

2) Get a tattoo at the small of the back (ladies u knw wat tht means :D)

3) Find out the eternal mystery of why women cant live up to being punctual when they ve to dress up :D

4) Try n play a tennis match against Martina Hingis, Kournikova....would be a nice threesome :D

5) Have fun in an all girls hostel ;)

Wooooooooooooooooffffffffff!!!!!!!!! Funny stuf eh??

Now for the 2nd tag...this was given to me by FreeSherry and it is

I had to write a six word memoir and this is it...

I am a

"fighting matador in life's raging bullfight"

:D :D :D

btw please do read the short story i ve written in the post below n leave ur comments on it :)


Thursday, April 3, 2008

lost...n found

the view frm the glass window was so was as if he was flying in the air....just the clouds...the slowly setting sun.. the orange-greyish coloured sky...and him sitting in his plush comfortable chair...listening to the sound of his own breathing and ntn one else to take away this beautiful sight away from him......

he could see different shades of grey formed by the water present in the different was the amount of water present in them that the rays of sun could produce small small rainbows there itself....he would wanted to venture out and touch those clouds...catch a few if possible...but it was so damn cold outside that if he even put his finger it...all he would have is frozen meat to take back he went back to looking at the modern art that the sun rays were drawing on the canvas of clouds.....felt like heaven to tht is how heaven is always described in the books he had read so far...

he turned around and something caught his eye....he looked was still there...but a lil faint this time...he looked closely with immense concentration...and he saw a face of a woman there..a mysterious woman he had never seen imaginary that u dont identify with anyone in particular..but then shes the one u would want to spend ur life with...slowly the face disappeared in the fading clouds as the wind dispersed them away...he then realised it had started raining n that what he saw was just the awesome effect the sun's rays and produced on the rain bearing clouds....and he smiled to himself....

whammmmmm!!!...suddenly the sky was filled with a roar...the enemy plane just flew besides him...he should ve spotted it earlier....damn...he said to himself...looked around from his was getting dark...he knew his Su 30MKI was much superior to the enemy plane..he then put the speed of his plane to mach 2 and went off after the enemy plane......the dog fight would be fun...he knew was what he had waited for so long...

well this was another attempt at a short story kinda thing...was getting bored studying so wrote leave ur comments abt it..and also please checkout the post below with the video and lemme knw if u liked it or not

Some videos of a song i simply adore..chk them out

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3