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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

figure out the ad

here's one of the most amazing print ad's i ve ever seen. Once u realize what it shows and depicts...u would love to admire its creativity then :D

i m not too didnt feel like putting up this ad pour in what u figure out :D...


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Raid is the best???

well ystrdy was suppose to be a national holiday..but still we had classes thru out the day...newaz during the class on advertising and sales promotion...a discussion came up on the advertising strategy used by Raid' Cockroach killing spray and another company's cockroach killing brick kinda thing..

i m sure all ppl across the US know that Raid's spray has been a huge success compared to the other brand...its sales just shot up like anything when the ad's came...well out of the discussion what was revealed and its based on true facts is that...

"most of the sales of Raid were to women..and why did they prefer it..was bcos they liked to see the cockroach succumb to its death after it had been sprayed upon...somehow it gave them the feeling of freedom n alot of the women in US considered cockroaches to be like men who just came at night n all they wanted was food n to mess up the place..."

i m leaving the floor open..lets see what all u women n men ve to say... :D

plus im planning of loadin a rockstar like pic tht i ve with my hair open...(for those who dont a sikh..i ve long hair :D)

Friday, January 25, 2008

Happy Republic Day

January 26th...we celebrate our Republic Day...a day wen we adopted our constitution and became a republic 3 yrs after gaining our independence....

Republic day to most of us means watching the parade on TV...

lookin at the smart army columns from different regiments march in perfect synchronisation,

looking at the awesome display of defence firepower with the tanks, artillary guns, rocket launching trucks, ballistic missiles etc..

looking at the march pasts of the airforce, the navy , the paramilitary forces...their awesome stunts...n all...its so very amazing..

watching the fly bys by the latest fighter aircrafts, the helicopters, transport aircraft etc..

and finally looking at the cultural tabloids that display the unity n diversity of India....

damn im gonna miss tht all i ve a class... :(

newaz here's a video that me n my frnds made for our 60th independence day...its our tribute to our great nation...

here is the translation for lyrics of the song....its one of the most patriotic songs ever :)

lyrics of the song

Happy Republic Day..

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Indigo 6E 283- back to college :)

yo back in my institute...just landed an hr back...unpacked n all...n dead

as routine..i do a write up on the flight i travelled by and the airhostesses on board...u can check the june and october section for previous such

so my Indigo flight took on time from Delhi at 5.35pm and we had 4 airhostesses on board to help us arnd...Ms DM (chief airhostess), Ms AG(i think her surname started with G), Ms NS and Ms N( i cudnt grasp her surname)....

well all the four were decently good looking but the best one was Ms NS by a fair distance :D..

Ms DM spoke very professionally on the intercom and treated all the passengers as professionally as one could with the amazing fake mean cmon...anyone cud ve seen the fakeness there....but then i saw her take a small dance step on the aisle when she did something moment...

Didnt get to see a lot of Ms AG as she was looking after the first half of the rows...but she was cute n welcomed everyone on board with a nice cheerful smile...ntn fake about it .......

Ms N was the second best airhostess on board..she was cute..had that homely look on her face..pleasant to talk to...cudnt see her faking her smile...tried to do everything as per the rule was nice i guess :)

Last and the best...Ms NS...well for me she ruled the roost...i cud see that she was a lil nervous as passengers started boarding the flight..n not the scary was the nervousness that brought out a very original and nice smile on her face...whenever a passenger needed some help..she was there..but then for a nano second i cud see a lil hesitation on her face that said..can i do it...and then in the next nano second..she wud convince herself to do the observation eh..but then it actually brought out a lot of originality into the work she was doing without the fake smile n oh crap expression...she seemed happy to be there :D..n i was glad to see such an airhostess there :)...

and i liked the fact that the captain cameout of the cockpit to say goodbye to the passengers..dont generally see that onboard various flights :)

well all these views are totally mine..n are open to i m goin to doze off now..its like 6am..n i ve been travelling all gnite ppl...let me know ur views :)

here are the links for the previous posts :

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

5 favourite links...

hey...well i have been given a tag by Lena and is about 5 favourite links of here it

first the rules :D

They can be business links, favorite sites, affiliate links, whatever you want…

There are Five Rules:
1. MUST be clean. No R rated sites.
2. Only FIVE links.
3. MUST tell 5 people.
4. A link back to the person who tagged you ;)
5. Lara's Place is the meme originator. ;) (an active link is appreciated)


1) thats where my frnds i spend alot of my time there...all my pics are if u wanna get to knw me..go check out my orkut

2) is where i read all the news about whatever is going on in India and some parts of the i dont watch much tv in the hostel..i read the news here... :D

3) ---i wanted to be an airforce pilot..but i got i cudnt be one..but then the soldier in me still lives on...and i keep myself upto date on indian defense scene from this site...its a great site

4) a site that every MBA aspirant/student/wannabe or professional should visit...has a lot of info for everyone :)

5) last but not the least...all the sites of the fellow bloggers who are present on my blogroll :)....i keep visiting ur blogs often :D

and now my turn to tag 5 here they are


if u havent done this one already:D


PS- Do read the text box above for the voting link...

PPS - The Dubai pics are there in the post below for who havent checked them :D

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Dubai trip - Pics and details updated :)

Dubai was awesome....and im back home in Delhi....well here are the details abt the last few days...

14th Jan..Bush uncle arrived and Dubai came to a standstill....the desert safari got postponed to the last Dubai was entirely sealed off on the 13th till Bush uncle was doing his sight seeing at our expense.. :( with ntn much to bro took us to the Palm this island is amazing..its been reclaimed from sea in the shape of a palm tree...if u see the ariel view u ll knw what i am talking abt...alot of development has taken place here..there are villa's, hotels, shopping complexes et al over here...jus amazing to be here...see the pics below..the lanes here where the villas are situated are the leaves of the palm tree...

after spending some time there we again went off to the Mall of emirates...and spend our evening there shopping...had coffee at Starbucks..damn they should come to India soon..bought a new LCD HD TV, the latest one at a decent price :)...its awesome....then we came back home...had dinner..and gossiped into the night :)...

15th Jan - Well it had been raining non stop in Dubai for the last 2 days and it kept continuing...this resulted in the Desert Safari being called off by the organizers...first Bush n then the time around i we decided to explore the bhabhi became our tour guide and we went off to a few places..the first stop was Dubai museum...we got to know abt the history of Dubai, its development of late n all..and we took a few

next on went to WAFI City this mall has been designed in Egyptian style...u can see the architecture in the pics below...a very classy mall...alot of natives and arabic ppl prefer to shop here according to the local views :)...nice place to spend time :)..even Miss Universe Sushmita Sen has a jewellery store here...after spending the evening here...we headed back home..somehow u dont realize how time goes by in the malls at Dubai...we came at around 2pm..and left arnd 7pm..didnt realize that we had spend 5 hrs is there for all the malls of back home...dinned and packed up our stuff...then gossiped into the night...talking about old times et al...amazing time...

16th Jan- Headed out for the airport to catch a flight back to airport is awesome...n so is the Duty free loads of liquer n :)..boarded the flight n came back home :)

n now abt the babes of Dubai...well wat do i say...simply gorgeous...i mean gorgeous..whether it was the make up or the new stylish abaya (the dress arabic women wear)....simply bowled me over...even the female who was checking the passport at the airport..she had full make up on..french manicured nails..mascara..eye liner...n wat not..she could ve won any beauty pageant out hats off to the beautiful babes of Dubai :)

n now here are the pics from Dubai....

an ancient house of Dubai @ Dubai museum

outside view of the WAFI city mall...looks like EGYPT right??

a view of the roof inside the WAFI Mall..awesome isnt it??

pillars styled and designed in Egyptian style at the WAFI mall

another impressive glass structure inside the WAFI mall

BURJ Dubai..the tallest building in the world...150 floors...awesome aint it

Duty free area at Dubai Airport..amazing place to shop :)

delicious real fruit arabic icecreams..

amazing view of the meddinah jumeriah in the night..

the skyline inside the Ibn Bat Tuta mall at Dubai

a view of the Dubai skyline from one of the leaves of the island in the shape of a palm reclaimed from the sea

a view of the island from one of the leaves of the Palm

the amazing Burj Al Arab in Dubai

the view from Dubai creek at night..awesome isnt it??

another view inside the Ibn Bat Tuta mall.

the entrance to the WAFI city Dubai


P.S - Let me know about your views :)

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Dubai trip - first 2 days

Heeeeeeeeeeyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! I am back...did u all miss me???im here with a short update about my ongoing Dubai here i go...

after a flight that got delayed for 4 hours...i finally reached Dubai on 11th night at bhaiya n bhabhi (my bro and his wife) were here to pick us up from the airport..we were welcomed to awesomely pleasant weather in dubai with a slight drizzle...and as soon as we came out...the cars were a feast for the eyes...i mean Audi...Porsche...Bentley..u name them..n they are here...not tht they arent there in India..but just the sheer numbers....amazing...newaz we drove back home in the new Cadillac Escapade that my bro recently got for his wife...reached home...we all had diner...and then all of n my bro n his family..all of us sat together and just gossiped late in to the night....

woke up late the next day...and ate a hevy breakfast..and we decided to venture out on our tour of Dubai..the first place we hit was the Mall of the Emirates...its awesome...really amazing...huge huge mall...all international brands...totally cospomolitan outlook..and hot chicks with hot numbers on them..and i mean hot shopped around a ourselves amazing chocolates from Patchi...and the day just went by and we didnt even the bro took us out for dinner to this place called Meddinah de jumeirah( i hope i got the name right or i ll change it later)... for thai food...the way to the restaurant frm the entrance is thru a boat ride...and it was so sit in a boat n roam around thru beautifully lit buildings to reach the restaurant...had amazing thai food..dumplings...rice...and lots of more thai the time we finished n reached back it was like again gossiped into the night...and slept off...

our plan for today was to take a tour of the city...go checkout the palace of the sheikh..the museum..the wafi city...and all...but then the best surprise of the day happened...Bush uncle has come to UAE from the city's got closed down because of security reasons...(why Mr Bush..why at this time...) we went to another mall called Ibn Batutta..n trust me u have to be here to see the architecture of this mall..its amazing..its a whole magical city we spent alot of our day here..and then we went of to this market called Kamara...where u get all the fashionable stuff at low got some stuff from there..and we headed back home to celebrate Lohri...Lohri is a north Indian festival celebrated to mark the end of winters n all..i dont knw the exact story...but celebrating lohri today outside India with the family was a great moment....and after that we came back home... Happy Lohri everyone!! and its 3.52am now...n im gonna go doze off :)

I ll put up the pics later once i get back to delhi :)..till then hang on ....n keep visiting :)..detailed post to come later :)

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Tata Nano is here- The People's car

Finally after 4 years, Ratan Tata delivered on his promise of bringing out the car, also known as One lakh ($2500)....The People's Car...

One lakh rupees for a a decent bike in India costs around 45-50k....The idea of the car came from the Indian common man who drives his entire family of 4 on his two for such images n u ll find plenty....

The car looks good..can easily accomodate 4 people...comes in 2 versions - standard n abt it here..

Tata Nano - Press Release

the car's made of re-engineered plastics...and uses adhesives instead of boasts of mileage of 20kms per litre in the city and 26 on the highways ( in India)

well i m sure this car is going to have a global impact...and also register Tata's as a strong auto manufacterer globally..and very soon with the acquisition of Jaguar and Land Rover from Ford..u ll see world class luxury cars from the stable of Tata's...

Here are some pics of the Tata Nano..The People's car...

so people let me know what u feel about the people's car....

P.S- I am off to another country for a vacation for a few days..but will keep checking my blog n also updating it incase i get the time...cheers!!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The journey back home

yipppeeeeeeeeeeeee.....i am back delhi...i love the city...its my home...dilli meri jaan...and damn the winters are awesome here..tho it aint so cold as i expected..but then its dilli di sardi( the cold of delhi)...thats amazing....

well this post is abt the journey..the 40 odd hours of travel from Trichy to New Delhi...switching over from 2 trains...and having fun...

the journey started from Trichy on 7th afternoon after my last exm...the exm finished..ran to the station to board the train to chennai....caught it with a lil time to spare....after a long day..having slept only for abt 3 hrs in the ld ve slept off in the train..but then...the excitment of going back home was much more all of us...lots from my insitute were there..just chatting..gossiping and having fun...i like to stand on the door of the moving train..and i took some snaps frm my phome..pardon the blurring..cudnt help as the train was moving pretty

we reached chennai at time to catch the train for delhi at 10pm from another station...went to the station..had diner...and boarded the train to was too early for all of us..we were a grp of 5 to was jus we talked..chatted..pulled each other's legs..and were up till abt 1am..then i went to my berth...switched on my laptop..saw a few episodes of friends and then finally dozed off at arnd 3...

got up at 10 next day..lazed arnd...had breakfast...gossipped and then finally went to my favorite spot..the door of the train...stood there for more than an the wind blowing through my face...its an awesome feeling...wind gushin at u at more than 120kmph...and u leaning the day went by...we crossed central india...took some more pics and a video....

and now the video...well i took it leaning out...enjoy the moving train :)

and so the journey went on...another night..the chill increased as the train moved north towards New Delhi...and finally 6.30am on the 9th..i reached delhi...and the feeling was awesome...u delhi..n its good to be back...

P.S - I reached home n read in the newspaper abt the ban being suspended on Harbhajan Singh and the Aussie team being asked to behave by Malcom Speed (ICC chief)...damn..i am happy..its time the Aussie Cricket team realized that they just cant say anything and get over they are being criticized for that..Ponting the Punter u outta be careful mate...


Let your comments pour in abt the post :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Cheated and not Caught

first of all a very humble request to all the fellow bloggers who comeover...

if u r here..dont feel shy from saying a hi...there's a shoutbox...there are comments options for posts..take ur pick :)

coming to the topic of the post...well its about cheating we all do...n now dont get ideas..i ll limit this to the cheating u ve done in the exams in schools...colleges...universities..etc..and gotten caught...

well..with me this happened during my engineering...cell phones are a great mode of cheating..i remember storing answers to almost all important answers in my was a nokia 6610i..n i cud store alot there i went happily one day for the exm..with all the preparation and backup...i hadnt been caught the last few times so i wasnt gonna b caught this time too...

now half way thru i release i need to see a few points for an i take out my cell from my pocket...go to the msgs and start reading the answers...the invigilator was looking elsewhere n i was looking at him frm the corner of my eye...i looked down again to see a particular point n then as soon i looked up..he turned...he saw me holding something in my hand...

he gave me that suspicious look n walked over...he asked what i was doing with the cellphone..i made an innocent face n told him.."sir..i got late for the forgot to switch it off n keep it on the desk..n now i was getting a call from some number so i was trying to switch of the cell"...all this while i ensured that i had closed the msgs section of the cell...

then he took the cellphone from my hand and started searching..i am sure he was not gizmo freak...he looked up n down the phone..pressed a few keys...n i am sure he went to the inbox...n didnt find anything there...or in the outbox or in the sent items...i m not sure he checked the outbox n sent items also...but i had been a lil smart..all the answers were stored in the i was praying he doesnt get there...finally he said hes gonna keep the cellphone on the desk n hand it over to the exam department later..n i was like..thank god..i am not failing this exam...i had already gotten the answers i needed and now the ph was off n on the table..

i finished my exam...went over to him...pleaded my innocence..apologized for not being careful..took my cellphone back..n walked out..with the biggest smile ever...close shave

n now my MBA exams are still on...the cheating still goes on..not that sophisticated tho..but the regular way...writing on the question paper...passing sheets arnd...writing on erasers etc...code words for true n false...etc..n what not...n i am lucky enough to not get caught...

thank u god...u knw i try my best but sometimes the situation demands measures that are out of the ordinary to be taken... :)...


feel free to leave ur views in the comments section

PS* : checkout some pics of the place where i am if u havent still done so :)

Thursday, January 3, 2008

A snapshot of Trichy...

The purpose of this post is 2 fold....

First- A hearty thank you to Lena for presenting me with the Top Bloggers of 2007-08 award. I am honoured. I ld ve had prepared a speech to be posted here had it not been for my would like to say...

everything in life has an happy ending...and till the time the happiness is not achieved..the end is not reached...and as they say...picture abhi baki hai bhai(the movie is yet to end)...and in this blogging abhi baki hai bhai (still more blogging to come)

Second - I wrote in a comment on Annie's blog abt pics of here they are without further delay

A sunset over seen from a roof top of my hostel

A lake(its sorta lake) inside the BHEL Complex in Trichy..not many ppl knw of it

The very famous Srirangam Temple in Trichy

The amazing Kallanai (Kal-aa-naa-iii) dam at night on the outskirts of Trichy on Kaveri River

Another view of the Kallanai dam...

Sunset on the Kaveri River at Mookamboor dam (Moo-cam-boo-rr)

The Mookamboor Dam in all its glory

Lush green paddy fields enroute to Pullianjolai (pull-ian- joe- laa-ii)

An amazing view of the hilltop from Pullianjolai

Lush greenery and photography @110kmph...enroute to Pullianjolai

Hope u guyz enjoy the pics!! lemme know ur views :)

P.S - Please do read the new year posts below if u havent read them.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Welcoming the new year

The first post of yr...anything really different??lol...not really...but yeah..somethings are different...our resolutions for this year maybe different..ha ha ha ha....

coming back to what this post is all about...the new yr celebrations at my insitute...well we are arnd 200 of in our very own civilization...coexisting..the good..the bad...the ugly...the angels..the devils...everyone...we all live here n exist..n enjoy it :)...

new years is yet another chance for all of us dress up..come down to the field...sit down together...gossip arnd..have fun...mingle..and live it up....and thats what we did...we all came down to the field..arnd 10.30...some of us dressed for the occasion...the bright clothes..the girls with the shimmery n shiny stuff...played some tug of war...tambola..on the spot dance performances...while all this was goin n my grp were gulping down a few shots of vodka (whiskey was damn

but then 11.55pm we all were there..irrespective of who we were..whether we like each other or not..whether are personal lifes are in turmoil or not...whether we are the best of buddies or the best of enemies...we all were there counting it down till 0000hrs...and then..the countdown ended...the clock struck midnight...the crackers started to burst...the sky light up...we all went up in the air almost simaltaneously...smiling faces all around...people laughing...smiling...hugging each other to greet the new yr...couples sharing their private moments.(now dont get ideas)....everyone shaking hands with the next person arnd...wishing the very best for the new yr and the life ahead...the bonfire was lit..the stage was set...for another roller coaster of an year....and so was the dance floor..those who wanted to shake a leg..started doing so to the rythm of the "Tenu kala chashma jachda hai".."daila mo..daila mo (tamil song)" and all...some sat down to get some heat from the bon gets kinda chilly here for the southerners...

it was 12.45am and the cell phone networks werent still free...all jammed waited for some more time..then gotta call from home...spoke to their to knw my bro was out spoke to him later in the night....having done all that...went back to the frnds room...finished of our rounds of vodka...and then again hit the dance floor...danced till arnd 2am...tamil..hindi..punjabi..english...u name it...n v danced on all of them...its abt the music baby...finally the event came to an end....but the fire was still just sat there with a few frnds...gossiping...thinking..pondering...chatting...and welcoming the new year ahead....


P.S* Resolutions: Havent made any till now..but yes there are some things i ld like to work i ll do that..n probably put up a post sometime... :)

Pics uploaded on orkut :)