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Thursday, February 28, 2008

the very important list

hmm....well got this idea after watching an episode of Friends from the nth re run..I have all the seasons on my comp... :D

so heres the deal..there's a list of 5 famous people we all are allowed to sleep with...without a doubt pretty much a hypothetical list...

so here are my top 5 females...

1) Angelina Jolie (Aint she the hottest chick around..check out lara croft series and mr and mrs smith)

2) Sushmita Sen (Ms Universe 1994...the female who brought glory to India at the beauty pageant level)..

3) Beyonce knowles ( I have never seen a more amazing bootylicious female...awesome tushy :D)

4) Sharon Stone ( cant miss her in the top

5) This one was a toughie...Bipasha Basu (dusky indian beauty) or Ayesha Takia ( amazing upper body features...damn it...amazing rack)...


and the...Winner is Bipasha Basu (she has an amazing dusky complexion n an amazing figure :D)

So guys n girls..lets see your lists out here...u can put them in the comments section


PS..sinner will do u the tag soon :)

The discussion in the post below is still on :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

how important is it?

hmm...well..didnt know i would write this as a post..but then newaz decided to pen it down...well this post is a more of a question to all the ladies out there..

"how important is it to u that the guy be clean shaven??"...

i mean i m a sikh...i have a moustache n a beard(neatly trimmed)....n i have had situations where girls have asked me..y dont u become a cut surd...n shave it all of n all?..n these have been posed by women with whom i have flirted n almost been in relationships with...

for me..i have always stuck to the fact tht i wont loose my identity of being a sikh..what so ever the girl says..but is it tht difficult for the girl to accept a guy for who he is n what he supports on his face..n i have heard the stupidest reasons girls give for asking that from a guy??

i dont knw if this happens internationally or not..but this sure does happen in India.... i ll add this line to the post...girls.."what if u were to be asked out by a sikh??would this fact come into picture then??"

so how abt some answers...comon girls...women...ladies..honesty please??

Friday, February 22, 2008

The 5 thing tag!!

Been given this tag by Cloudsie...n i better do it before she kills me here goes

Life 10 years ago: damn now u ll be able to figure out my was 14 then..abt to finish 9th standard..educationally life had become more complex than the previous yr..10th was coming up and the hint of having to perform well in the boards was already there (somehow managed to do tht :D)...had made some good friends in school and the cricket career in the colony where i stayed was at its peak..was one of the hardest hitting batsman at tht point of time :)...had a slight crush on a girl then and a major one on a school teacher (i mean so many of the guys had a crush on tht teacher) in all life was simple...

Life 5 years ago: hmm....2nd of year of engineering..went into my specialization of IT in my engineering college...became frnds with people who r my best frnds till date...being the introvert i was in school..this is the time i really started to open up when talkin to girls...and the progress graph has been quite on a few dates..didnt manage to have a relationship but had love for football returned and i managed to tweak into the college football team..started to explore Pune, the city where i was doing my engineering..1600kms away from my home...and enjoying the freedom that i had..with a certain amount of responsibility too :D

Life a year ago: almost abt to finish the first yr of my MBA then...was looking forward to doing my internship with one of the top FMCGs in was fun again..had great friends here...was beginning to explore places around south India...had become a very practical person as a result of my work stint at HSBC for an yr as a software engineer..and emotionally very strong too...very few things could upset me...healthwise was not so good..had gained alot of weight..was still enjoying playing sports here at my tennis..badminton..u name it and i was playing them on n off...all in all life was fun..

Life tomorrow: A slimmer and healthier me...the weight loss is on track and going good...looking forward to working with the 2nd largest FMCG globally as Asst Mgr Sales n Marketing in its India operations (hint..think Persil)....would love to be in a relationship but then god knws when tht ll happen..i ve tried alot over the last 4 im not trying anymore...i ll let the girl find me life tomorrow shall be good..if it aint..then i ll make it good..after all its my life..right??

5 snacks i enjoy: hmm..interesting a) French toasts tht my grandma makes b) Parantha's made by mom/grandma (yum they are c) Pizza tht i make in my style d) Maggi e) Mayonnaise sandwiches

5 locations tht i would like to run away to: a) New Delhi..any day...thts the place i love being in..its sadi own city b) Pune...i love being there.. c) Alaska... thts one place i would love to open a dhaba (small indian roadside restaurant) d) Dubai...awesome place e) Jim Corbett national park...

5 bad habits i have:
a) sleeping late mostly
b) not drinking milk regularly (tho i shud b.its good for my health)
c) loosing my temper
d) being complacent

5 are too many...i generally keep the count of negative stuff like this at 3 or

5 things i love to do: Drive fast (not rash), play football, read (novels, magazines, newspaper etc), constantly improve my flirting skills (long way to, pull my frnds legs ( i simple love doing tht )

5 things i ll never wear: dunno just ve one tht comes to my wear??i mean i m too huge for tht now

5 biggest joys at the moment:

a) Great MBA..all have given me great friends..n i ve many best thts one thing im happy abt :)

b) Amazing family..i simply love my bro..n my maternal grandfolks who stay with us..they are an amazing set of ppl..

c) A good job in hand..its a big relief factor..but also a fact tht makes me want to get into the work world n start enjoying

d) the fact that i love lost a good amount of weight over the last 10 months and i m continuing to do so...makes me look good n feel good too

e) The blog being appreciated by all its readers... lol...

5 things i dont like: a) People being unpunctual without informing b) politics in sports c) bitching abt frnds..gossiping is ok d) leaving work unfinished e) hypocrites

Something to achieve next yr: Get found out by a good girl to be in a relationship with :D

Something tht has impacted me last yr: Well its there in my november post..this is last yr calender wise..the impact was i discovered i was strong enough to handle almost anything :D

What i ll miss abt 2007: Dunno...lifes been good i believe

5 things i wanna do before i die:

a) Bunjee jumping
b) Sky diving
c) fly a Su 30 MKI or a F -22 raptor
d) Go into space
e) Visit Siachin glacier

wooof..tht was a long post...anyone who wants to take up is tagged to do so :)

let your views pour in!!


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

funny incidents at my institute

ystrdy i was sitting and gossiping with my frnds in the night and all of a sudden the talk shifted to some funny incidents tht had happened here at my institute...just to share a few ....

1) This is a conversation between 2 professors at my insitute...the campus here is surrounded by alot of greenery and open we have snakes..frogs..and scorpions giving us company many a this is what happened...

Prof X goes to the bathroom and finds a scorpion there....scared like hell...he goes out..and picks up his phone and calls up Prof Y, the next door neighboor...

Prof X: (visibly scared and stammering)..."Prof Y...there's a scorpio in the bathroom..there's a scorpio in the bathroom.

(well Scorpio is an SUV, 4x4 vehicle in India )...

So Prof Y: (inadvertantly)..."How did u manage to park it there"....

I dunno if u found it funny..but for us it was hellishly hilarious...

2) This happened in a Retailing Mgmt course here....just a background..South Indians pronounce mall as maal...and maal in hindi means goods...(or rather in guy lingo it chick)...

So the Retailing prof is taking a lecture in the class and says..

"In north India there are a lot of good maals.."....

now me n a bunch of other north indian guyz sitting at the last row of the class..start laughing like anything..for its maal as in the maal we interpret it as....n sir has no he asks.."Share the joke with the me too...let me know what u were laughing abt.."...n we started laughin even more then he says.."In north India, maal means goods.."...n we again erupted in laughter....and we were like .."yes sir, definitely goods...very good goods"....

dont knw if u guyz liked it or not..but for us, this is what makes life fun here :)

n heres a pic of the amazing and mighty Himalayas

courtsey: an IAF plane flying over the Himalayas


PS...the discussion on the post below is still on!!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

first or last or where??

let me start this post by saying happy bday to umang...happy bday umang..god bless u :)

now coming to the post ....was jus listenin to this linkin park december...linkin park is one of my favorite was lying down n listening to the song..when i jus drifted back into my past...something i dont do unless im introspecting...which i always do when i need to because..somewhere in the past..there are situations frm where u cud ve learned stuff n put it to use in the present and mayb in the future :) the phase of drifting i went back to my colg days...when i came to another city ..some 16oo kms away frm home to do my engg from a good college...and i look back at some aspects of my personal life n think...

"do good guys finish last??" for thot?? views??

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Sadi gali and the music tag

Happy Valentines Day guyz...hope u all having a blast n enjoying urself...

well its tag time once again..i was tagged by Sherry a while back..sorry for the here it goes...

so the rules were:

Put your MP3 player/Media player on shuffle.
For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
You must write the name of the song no matter

Results are as follows :

1) If someone says "Is this okay" say..

winds of change -by scorpions...

2) What would best describe your personality?

tenu kala chashma jachda hai...jachda hai sone mukhde te....(how did tht come a great punjabi track

3) What do u like in a girl/guy?

Soni de nakhre..sone lagde...from partner(damn..what the hell is going on??)

4) How do you feel today?

If everyone Nickelback...awesome song n a fantastic video...

5) What is your life's purpose??

Dont by shy...Rouge......

6) What is your motto?

Ishq ka kalma....from the movie Goal...

7) What do your friends think of you?

Dale don Dale - Don Omar...(its an african song...pretty cool)...

8) What do u think of your parents?

Cats in the cradle and the silver spoon - GnR

9) What do you think about very often?

Highway to the dangerzone - Topgun....(Bulls eye...Yippieeeeeee)

10) What is 2 + 2?

Jaaniye...from the movie Dus the remix..its nice :)

11) What do you think of your best friend?

Graduation- vitamin C ...confused...!!

12) What do u think of the person U like?

Ishq tera tadpave....Sukhbir...Bingo...again Bullseye...

13) What is your life's story?

Numb- Linkin of the most amazing songs ever :)

14) What do you want to be when you grow up?

In the end - Linkin park....again one of the best song...but how does it fit in...dunno :D

15) What do your parents think of you?

Chipmunks and the christmas song.....dunno how did that manage to squeeze into the list of

16) What do u think when u see the person u like?

Do u wanna partner...from Partner...LMAO....this was amazingly funny :D

17) What will you dance to at your wedding??

Gidde Vich nachdi Sukhbir...nice punjabi song again...

18) What will they play at your funeral?? Nickelback.............

19) What is your hobby/interest?

The way i are...Timbaland...huh...where did tht come from???

20) What is your biggest secret?? linkin park.....

21) What do u think of ur friends??

What i ve linkin park... :D

22) What do u post this as??

Sadi RDB....again another punjabi track..n very amazing :) the song...

and time to tag other bloggers here it goes

1) JJ
2) Tabz
3) THB
4) Umang
5) Cinn

I hope u guyz complete the tag/meme


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Time for Laughs

Well have seen alot of weird, dull n sad stuff on blogs with questions abt life on this...that....what not n blah blah blah......

so here are a few jokes to liven up the mood...

First one:

A young guy, whose travelling along the British countryside face a problem when his car breaks down on the highway with no civilization in sight other than farms and some animals here n there...

Faraway in the distance he sees a he walks up to it..n finds a cottage there..he knocks on the door and an old man opens it....

The young man says " Sir ,my cars broken down and i need a place to spend the night..can u help me"...

The old man (being a considerate guy) says "i have 2 is babys room and the other is the bathroom..u can take one .n i ll sleep outside as i m used to the conditions...."

The young man thinks for a while on which room to take(so that he doesnt get disturbed by howling babies)..he says " i ll take the bathroom" and then he goes n sleeps there...

In the morning a beautiful chick wakes him up...he rubs his eyes hard, stunned.. he asks..who are u..
The girl replies.." I am Baby"...and then she asks " who are you"...

the guy replies "i am a stupid fool"

Second one:

First Guy: Do you know why cowgirls have bowshaped legs????

Second Guy: thinks.....

Dumbfounded he says " No clue...tell me"

check the comments section!!


Saturday, February 9, 2008

R.I.P my friend

well..its been a long day up at 6..went for a jog..n then been attending classes since 8.30 am till 9pm today...wooof...long day

but is a day thats very close to the heart of everyone here at my institute...

Last yr a very good frnd of ours had passed away due to the injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident on this very day...the emptiness he has left behind will always exist..the void remains..but more for his parents than anyone else...they lost their only son...

today all of us lit a candle in his memory as the first thing in the morning...

in his memory we named the cricket tournament after him....i hope from up there hes watching and hes happy...he was a part of my football team..n one of the best players...this yr we won the tournament and the win is dedicated to him...



Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Awesome Kanyakumari and Nagarcoil.... back from my trip of Kanyakumari and Nagarcoil...n what an amazing trip it was...had an amazing time with 11 other frnds..who made the trip worth the fun it was :)....heres a detailed account of the trip..

Day 1 : we left on a hot sunday afternoon...bunked a few classes...all of us got into a minibus and sped off towards towards the southern most part of mainland India (kanyakumari)...we stopped on the way near Madhurai for a tea break..n took a few pics of the western ghats behind us..they looked beautiful at the time of sunset..after a long drive we finally reached nagarcoil at around ourselves a decent hotel and checked in..and crashed on the beds...slept like a

Day 2: got up at arnd ready..we all had breakfast..n then around 10 we all headed off towards this waterfall sight called Thiruparappu Falls..n it was a decent place to visit..not a great waterfall or anything..but the fact that 12 of us were there to have fun..we had just jumped in got wet...n had fun there...ended up spending abt 2 hrs in the running was amazing on a hot day :)..

after that we headed of to this place called Mathar Bridge...this is an amazing bridge..its a walkway..with a water canal sort of a thing running pretty tall...n the view from the bridge is amazing..lush green surroundings everywhere...beautiful mountains on the back..n green coconut n banana plantations in the front :)...went down to the small river flowing there and all of us posed for some nice snaps...

we had lunch after tht and then went to a place called Muttom Beach near Nagarcoil...this was one of the best beaches i ve crowd...just the sand..sea n a few rocks...amazing place to watch a sunrise or a sunset...and pretty romantic...climbed a few rocks...saw crabs roamin arnd...posed for a few pics...and heard the sea roar as the night looked so beautiful at the twilight time...just fantastic...

left the place arnd back to our hotel..n went out for diner...had a beer with frnds..dined..came back..n slept..had to get up at

Day 3: Got up at 4am...we all got ready n left by arnd 5 for Kanyakumari..the southernmost point of mainland India to watch the sunrise...we reached there arnd 5.30 n had an hr before we all went to the beach..n just roamed arnd here n there for a while..found ourselves a nice spot on some rocks near the beach with the water splashing arnd them to watch the sun come out of its was a lil cloudy so we missed the actual sun rising frm behind the water on the horizon view..but nonetheless..when the sky turned orange n the sun came out a lil frm behind the was a sight to watch...slowly the entire waterscape got illuminated and the sight was amazing..literally :)..we then went to the Vivekananda memorial thats built on a rock on the sea...its a nice place to go a very calm feeling..and the view was awesome...totally surrounded by the Indian Ocean, the Arabian sea and the Bay of the time we finished sight seeing n having was lunch time...had lunch at Kanyakumari itself at a decent restaurant....

the next halt was Padhmanabhan Palace near Nagarcoil...its the Palace of the King of of the ancient Kingdoms in India...its the largest wooden palace in Asia..with alot of amazing designs n all on the wooden structure..its a decent tourist place to go to...ended up spending some time there...having fun...n by the time we finished all this it was late evening...

so we headed back to the hotel..took rest for a while..had diner..n then decided to get was already 10pm..n we had a long 10hrs drive ahead of us thru the night...

finally reached my institute at 6am..n headed back to class at

im a lil sleepy now...but here are some pics : )

a view of the countryside near Nagercoil

another view of the countryside

on top of the Thiruparappu Falls

The Mathar bridge...awesome walking bridge :)

view from one side of the bridge

view from the other side of the bridge

muttom beach

another view of the muttom beach

twilight zone at muttom beach :)

at Kanyakumari

Thiruvaluer statue in the middle of the sea at Kanyakumari before sunrise

the sun breaking thru the clouds..

The Vivekanada memorial on The Rock, pic from the boat we were on :)

confluence of the Indian Ocean, the Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal

a view of the ceiling inside Padhmanabhan Palace

the coast from The Rock in the sea

the endless ocean and seas together :)

cheers!!more pics on orkut and picassa..lemme knw ur views :)


Saturday, February 2, 2008 off to Nagercoil and Kanyakumari (the southernmost part of mainland India).....12 of us are going...gonna go explore the countryside a bit :)....

leaving u with a few moments of a beautiful sunrise ystrdy while i went for a jog at 6am...

and a few pics of a peacock that was out pecking in the morning today at 7am...lots of them here :)

the peacock..perched on the railing....

sorry abt the pics being blurred...took them while i was walking....

anyways updates on trip to come up after Tuesday..

till then...have fun..rock on...and life to the fullest...


Friday, February 1, 2008

Golden Temple revisited !!

this post is about the Golden is one of the most important places of worship for Sikhs (i am one) u ve the vatican for christians..mecca for muslims...vaishno devi for hindus..n all..loads of religions on earth...It was built by the 4th Guru, Guru Ramdas Ji and the gold was put on by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

i had driven down to this place with my folks in june last was an amazing i drove all the way to Amritsar from Delhi and back..covering about 900+ kms in 2 days..

here are a few pics of the this awesome shrine that i took..

a view of the golden temple from the entrance

a closer view of the Golden Temple

well photography inside the gurudwara is not allowed..but i took this one candidly..its such an awesome sight..its a lil blurred..but then it was candid..

a view of the surrounding structure...amazing aint it :)

some of the fishes in the sarovar(pond) that surrounds the Golden Temple...its amazing when we feed them with prashad (its offerings we get frm the temple)..tastes amazing :)

Golden Temple at night :)

i hope u all enjoyed the pics...let ur views roll in :)