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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

how the journey started

i have already written a post on the daring and stupid stuff i did once...

well this is a prequel to that and this is how my journey down the daring and stupidity acts started....

i am not going to write about the background...but go on to the event or rather the daring and stupid act...

i had to go meet this girl...who lived in a place called nawanshahar in punjab, it lies between chandigarh and jallandhar...i had then just entered my 2nd yr of engineering and was just about 19 yrs old...i was based in pune...and it wasnt the easiest of plans to execute...there was a mass bunk in my college...and everyone came home for a week or so...midway during the week i decided to go meet night before i had to leave...i took into confidence one of my best friends since school for this act...i told my folks that his cousin was studying in chandigarh and he had to go met he wanted me to come along...he told his folks that i had a wedding to attend in chandigarh and as i had come late from folks had left for the wedding and he was to come along with sure both our folks must have smelled a rat in the

i told the girl that i m coming to chandigarh to meet her and that she should come there...chandigarh was like an hour away from nawanshahar...she said she would try..i said im definitely gonna come there and wait for her (as i of the stupid acts people sometimes do :D)...

so the next day my friend came to pick me up at 5.30 am on his bike...we reached the railway station at about 6am...checked out the was 6.15am...ran to get the tickets and made it just in time to board the running train...wooof....tht was fun....

we reached chandigarh at around 10am...and from there we went to the sec 17 market..i called her up...and asked her where she was....she said...she wouldnt be able to come as her brother was having an operation on that day....well it was strange..felt weird...a little heart breaking...i then thought that i would go to nawanshahar n meet her i headed off to the bus the time i got there it was like 11.30am...i was told that the bus would take about 1 n half to 2 hrs to get there...and since the plan was to return the same night...the train back to delhi was at to go to nawanshahar n the head back to chandigarh by 4.30 or so was not feasible..i would ve missed the train back to delhi and i couldnt do that as the plot behind the plan would have been revealed then....

so i just roamed around in chandigarh that friend who accompanied me...had a great time by having a date with a girl whom he knew from school as she was based in chandigarh then...anyways the entire experience sucked as i couldnt met her but i got to learn some valuable lessons in life and i still value them....

finally we made it back to the station at 4.45pm...took the train back to delhi....the train got late in the way and by the time I reached home it was friends mom had called up my home to enquire if we were back...and she had spoken to my folks...thankfully she didnt tell my folks the story my friend had cooked up or else we both would ve been in big trouble :D....

so this is how i started my journey of daring and stupid acts :D

hope u guys enjoy reading it :)..lemme knw your views about it :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

some great quotes

this post is dedicated to some of the most amazing sayings i have heard...

so here it goes...

1) this is my all time favorite..." Its god's duty to punish militants...It is our duty to arrange a meeting between god and militants - The Indian Army"

2) from Rocky Balboa.... "the world aint it all sunshine and rainbows...its a very mean and nasty place..and no matter how tough u will keep you under its knees forever if you let it.....u, me or nobody are gonna hit as hard as life..but it aint about how hard u hit..its about how hard u can get hit and keep moving much u can take and keep moving forward...that is how winning is if u knw what u are worth..then go out n get it...but u must be willing to take the hits...that is how winning is done!!!"

3) from We are Marshall .."it doesnt matter if we win or if we is not even about how we play the game..what matters is that we play the game...we take the field...we suit up on saturdays...that we keep this program alive..we play the game...not today..not tomorrow..not this season..not the next day...u n i are gonna wake up and suddenly we will be like everyother team in everyother sport..where winning is everything..and nothing else matters..and when that day comes ...thats wen we will honour them."

4) from shantaram.."The truth is that there are no good men, or bad men,' he said, 'It is the deeds that have goodness or badness in them. There are good deeds and there are bad deeds. Men are just men--it is what they do, or refuse to do, that links them to good or evil. The truth is that an instant of real love, in the heart of anyone--the noblest of man alive or the most wicked--has the whole purpose and process and meaning of life within the lotus-folds of its passion. The truth is that we are all, every one of us, every atom, every galaxy, and every particle of matter in the universe, moving toward God"

5) another one from shantaram..when we fall in love with someone our greatest fear is that they wont love us back,what we should fear instead is that we wont stop loving them.. "

Well there are alot of them from Shantaram...hope u like them


Monday, May 19, 2008

biryani time

well its been sometime since u guys heard from me right?? job has been going on great...enjoying working with the sales team here...good folks..very helpful...hyderabad is a good city to be in....

coming to the main highlights of this post...i tried biryani at two of the famous places hyderabad house and Paradise...and Paradise wins hands down...amazing biryani...good quality of rice...nice flavor to the rice...and awesome chicken pieces in the biryani...simply yumm!!!...and the most amazing thing about Paradise is that you go up the restaurants..the price of the same biryani keeps increasing...for eg..chicken biryani on first floor is Rs 90, then on 2nd floor with an AC restaurant its like 120 or something...and on the roof top restaurant its 150 if i am correct... :D..went there with my friend yesterday .. before that i was at Hyderabad central...and some French festival has been organized there..with wine and cheese and other french stuff maintaining the was very crowded...and somehow the sad part was the i couldnt find even a single girl to maintain a decent eye contact with...girls here dont maintain eye contact...this is something i have enjoyed alot in Delhi and Pune...its amazing to maintain that piercing eye contact...missed that so far in hyderabad but lets see...

btw the most amazing eye contact that i have made so far is with a few muslim gals who are clad in the burqa...with them the entire conversation is just with the eyes...its good..but fun :)

went to eat street on saturday night with a bunch of college friends who are here working with Deloitte...good place to have food on the banks of the Hussain Sagar lake...had a good sandwich at Subway and some delicious chilly chicken :D ..this is the only place which doesnt stink was good to spend some time with frnds...i came back at 11pm only :D..

Hoping to visit 10 Downing street and Bottles & Chimneys this week/weekend if some plan comes up...btw they both are pubs :)....also i screwed up Vodafone AP this weekend for their pathetic services ...shot off mails to the COO of Vodafone AP.. If you want to read those let me know.. i will forward them to you...

well thats from my side...hope you all are rocking and having a good time :)


Friday, May 16, 2008

the void...

i finally ended my friendship with one of my closest friend...for reasons why i did is the history

till now it was mostly my decision but yesterday i communicated to her how i felt abt it..and told her my decision...

anyways...there's a huge void that exists now..but i guess it is just a matter of time and it will be ok...for i know that i can take most things life throws at me with a smile... :)

tc...n cheers!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hyderabad updates :D

Hyderabad updates...well im now in the city famous for its Biryani and the Hussain Sagar Lake...been good so far...

before i go any further i would like to start off with my review of the flight...something i do usually as a routine...this time around the company booked me on a kingfisher flight to hyderabad from delhi...and it was pretty good..i mean..good crowd...awesome airhostesses...and good now let me get to the point straight away...the airhostesses...

for economy class there were quite a few airhostesses...i remember Ms E, Ms S, Ms my review will rotate around these soon as i entered the flight IT 0804..i was greeted by a tall and lanky Ms E...and wow she was tall...and she had been tutored so very well in her mannerisms that it was so loud..and it seemed almost so in the end it was very professional..she was tall..decently good looking...but big hands for the kind of figure she had...on a scale of 10 i would give her 8.5

Ms M was assisting Ms E through most of the work in the economy section...she was cool, pretty good looking but not as tall as Ms E..she was very professional and she didn't seem to be faking it at all...most of the times...on a scale of 10...i gues 8.75 would do for her :D

Ms S well she was all the girl next door...not loud at all...very subtle...she seemed to be she looked a little nervous..but that helped her in being her...i mean she hadnt mastered the art of faking in front of the passengers so far...she spoke well and she had a nice looks she wasn't the greatest but she was very cute...and on a scale of 10...i would give her 9 for her originality...

so this was my flight review :D


my stint in Hyderabad has been good so far..the guest house is close to the office...atleast people here speak Hindi...i dont feel out of place here...waiting to go taste some delicious hyderabadi biryani soon.. :D...i hope i get the wifi data access cards from the office soon...then i can be online from my laptop :)

okie..gtg now..

@@@ BTW guys my blogroll isnt showing up..please leave ur blog links in the comments.

thanks and cheers!!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

some news...

well its been a long time since u last saw a post here eh?? i have some news to share with u...

On 8th May 2008, my nanaji (maternal grand father) expired and left for heavenly abode..i was in chennai...he wasnt keeping well for sometime...i was aware that his condition was not too good that dad n bro had to rush back from work in the morning itself..i wanted an update on his condition in the i called up around 2pm in the day and my mom picked up the phone and she was i knew what told me that it had just happened as i was calling up...somehow i just finished my it was already ordered by my colleagues.....

spoke to my HR person..requested for leave for a few days and came back home that night...i couldnt make it for the cremation in the no flight was available that would have gotten me home by that time..i reached home late at night...and spent some time with mom and nani (maternal grandma)...consoled one could sleep well that night..the hardest hit by that is my nani..looking after him was one of the most important tasks for her life...there will be a huge void for her now...

next day..i went for completing all the collecting the ashes after the cremation...and then submerging them in the Yamuna (the river) was all pretty emotional....but one thing that was good was that it was a peaceful end...he lived a great life...very successful..very lively..very energetic... for all of us in my family...we know that "HE CAME..HE SAW and HE CONQUERED"....

we had kept a paath (recital of the Guru Granth Sahib)...for the well being of his soul on friday and it concluded today (it takes 2 full days to read the entire Guru Granth Sahib)...with the langar (community meal)..

May his soul rest in peace...AMEN!!

@i have to head back to my job tonight..will be going to Hyderabad...lets see how things turn up there..

cya guys soon!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The train journey..a short story

The train was about to leave the platform, it was on time at 3pm. The engine horn had been blown and everyone was scampering to board the train at the last moment. He was standing next to the door, on the platform, walking along with the train as it slowly gained speed, the walk became a jog, the platform was nearing and end and he finally boarded the train as the platform ended. He smiled to himself, his folks had told him not to do this again, but then it was fun, a little adventure, a bit stupid but it made him happy and smile.

He went inside the AC Coach to check on his belongings. He was in the first compartment in the coach. As he was putting his luggage down in the space below the lowest berth, his eye caught hold of something, something was sparkling, he looked up to see and saw a dangler was shining from a face, a pretty face who was trying to get up to her side upper berth 2 compartments away from him. He kept looking, and he was smiling inside at the efforts being put in by that pretty girl to get up to her berth and finally she got up there, mumbled something and smiled. It was a magical moment, she was smiling at herself and it was such a pretty site.

The train was now travelling at full speed, it was a 26 hour journey to his destination or rather his getting off point. He went back to stand at the door of the train,whilst leaning out a bit as the train passed through lush green farms of various crops. He felt the strong wind hitting his face but it didnt matter, all he was thinking off, was the smile of the girl inside the coach. He went back to see what she was doing aand found her deeply engrossed in a novel, so he just sat on the berth and kept looking at her from the corner of his eye. Time flew by and he didnt even realize it, it had been 2 hours, she had slept off in the warmth of the quilt. Finally he sighed and said, "god she is beautiful" and started to read the magzine he had bought. Soon it was dinner time, he took out the homemade food his mom had made for him and opened up the packets of cottage cheese and roti (indian bread). He looked at her, she had just woken up. Her hair was all tumbled up and then she made a face like a little girl who had just woken up from a dream and was confused. She was staring at nothing, finally she climbed down from the berth and went to wash her face. The food was still lying open in front of him, he hadnt eaten a bite in the last 10minutes. He thought, he will talk to her, but he didnt know how to do that, she was travelling alone and they werent even in the same compartment. How could he just go up to her and talk, what would she think, what would the other passengers say, had they been in the same compartment things could have been distant, but this was too different for him. So he decided to see think about it next day, he had seen the chart of the coach and knew that she would be getting down at the same station as his. So he watched her have her food and then get totally lost into the novel she was reading. He went out , to have a breath of fresh air as the cold air of the night gushed in through the door he was standing at. When he came back, she had slept off, he to decided to hit the rack.

He was woken up by the constant stirring in his compartment, kids were howling, a new family had just boarded the train, the previous passengers had gotten off. He looked at his watch. It was almost noon, he had slept for about 12 full hours, "damn he must have been tired", he thought to himself. He got up from his berth and stuck out his head to see if she was there on her berth. She was there, still cuddled up in the quilt which was now covering her up to her waist, reading the novel, which she had almost finished from the looks of it. He thought how to go up and talk to her. Mustering up that much courage and that too in a train, where co passengers could easily mis judge his intentions, he kept wondering. He thought he would use the help of the conceirge or the coach assistant to deliver a note to her, but then he didn't know what to write. He was surprised at the loss of words he had at that instant. He got up and went to the familiar territory, the door, where he was there all alone with just the countryside and the wind blowing into his face. He felt like he was at home when he was there at the door of the coach.

Time went by and now they were nearing the station they both had to get down at. He was still thinking on the note idea but now the coach assistant was no where to be seen, probably he was there with the other coach assistants sitting somewhere and playing cards. Finally the train reached the station, she got down, he got down and then he decided to go say hi to her. He pulled out his luggage and turned around and there she was hugging this guy. The took hold of her luggage and they walked off, he didnt know who the guy was, how they both were related but it didn't matter to him. His journey was good, the pretty and smiling face of the girl had made it a pleasant journey, he lifted his luggage on to his shoulders, damn it was heavy, he started walking to get a cab to his college, and all he was doing was smiling whilst remembering her smile.


@chennai updates 2

->went to the marina beach on saturday evening with college friends.
->saw ironman at inox on sunday..its a decent waiting for the next batman movie.."the dark knight"

@btw story is not fiction :)



Friday, May 2, 2008

Chennai updates :) r u all??hope u r having a good time enjoying urself...i am literally sweating it out like anything here in Chennai (south india) due to the hot and humid weather....

have gotten a hang of the training stint now...2 days of training..learnt quite some stuff about the working of the water division of Hindustan Unilever Ltd (Unilever India)...and if this product succeeds then it may just be launched globally :) the way the name of the product is Pureit.

anyways..Chennai is hot and very humid...after the days work i generally end up watching tv, or Friends or some movie on my laptop..yesterday was a holiday as it was Labor met up with a senior of mine at his residence...had awesome homemade food at his place and then came back later in the night...

nothing much happening here otherwise...sitting in a cafe...its pretty cheap...the wifi in the hotel costs like 100 bucks an hour..its freaking expensive :D

well i was suppose to do a few here are a couple of them

first one by Dollface

and here are the rules

* link to the person that tagged you : Dollface
* post the rules on your blog
* share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
* tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs

1) I love to eat Mughlai food...such as butter chicken , Daal Makhani and Tandoori Chicken and Co...

2) I like to walk...infact i just came back after walking about 4-5kms i gues...

3) I drink alot of water.. it helps me keep my hunger in check alot...and i prefer it to be cold and chilled...

4) I dont drink soft drinks like Coke, Pepsi and co unless adulterated with some hard drinks :D

5) I like to wear wrist watches with big Fossil, Diesel and Co...right now i have a Fossil one...

6) I prefer to use a touch screen phone now that i have been using a Nokia 7710 for the last 2 years...

For whom to Tag : Spiky, Keshi, Lena, Solitaire , Anvita and Samby

@veens...will do the tag soon

@spiky... i ll do the tag as soon as i pick up a book to read :)

hope u all having a good time...rock on..