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Sunday, June 13, 2010

the first rain..

finally the weekend had arrived...rahul was looking forward to the weekend after a long and tiring week at work...he hadnt been able to talk to saloni as much as they both would have wanted to and with the world cup beginning and the last match for the day scheduled at midnight..those long late night talks were going to be cut short for sometime...

He woke up at 10am on Saturday and lazed around a bit in the bed...slept for another half and hour then finally woke up..had his breakfast and called up saloni to see if she was awake...she had been up since 8am....they talked for about 30mins and made their plan for the day..they decided to meet up in the afternoon and catch up a movie and then see what else they could do...

rahul went down to the parking lot at 2pm and started his car...and drove down towards saloni's place, the other end of the city at 40kms away...he reached there at 3...saloni was already waiting for him in the parking..all eager to hug him and be with had been 3 days since they had met up....once she was in the car..they were on their way to the multiplex to watch the movie....saloni opened the window to let the wind blow into her long beautiful hair..and then out of nowhere the air got filled with the fragrance of first drops of water falling on the dry soil..and then the drops become more prominent and huge in number..the windscreen was getting splattered with millions and millions of water drops forming their own tributaries..

rahul stopped the car on the highway at an empty stretch...and got down in the was the most amazing feeling..getting wet in the rain..saloni was a bit hesitant to come out..but then rahul pulled her out of the car and they both just stood there getting wet in the rain and enjoying the moment...saloni hugged rahul and whispered the 3 magical words once again into his ears..the 3 words which always made them after getting wet in the rain for sometime..they got back into the car...and headed to find a place to eat garma garma pakodas and drink some hot tea....and like always saloni held rahul's hand on the gear as they drove ahead...

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Belief is at its most powerful when it is irrational... agree??