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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

the reality of growth

As an organization grows in size, business , turnover & people it should become a balance of consumer, customer and employee centric whilst maintaining its ambition to grow.

There is an organization with a business which has grown faster than the category growth rate, with a growth rate as high as double at which the category has grown over the years thus making it a very successful business in the eyes of the organization. However the balance seems to be shifting, not all is well.

This business started as a people centric business - for the people and by the people in its truest sense. Everyone seemed to have a mission and objective in life - to make a difference to the life of the common man and his family (with certain business objectiveswithout which it cant survive).

However the ambition to grow faster than the category has now led the business into a situation where the business ambitions have higher importance than the people who have helped this business grow to this level.

However over the years and more so off late the people centric nature of the business seem to be a superficial attempt to make the employees believe that yes we are concerned about you!! Attrition rates are at an all time high with attrition being reported across all levels from the lowest to almost the highest level of people. From a business which was a small knit cohesive unit with teams that supported each other, today it is a business where all the employees are working with their one hand covering their royal backside.

Certainly doesnt look like a very enthusiastic place to work right now !!