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Saturday, November 14, 2009


Have you been to Leopold's? Do you know what is Leopold's? I am sure all Mumbaikars know what Leopold's is. It is one of the most famous places in South Bombay (woopsie..Mumbai) to go and have a beer.

It is no plush and luxurious bar or a pub, but just a simple restaurant on the busy Colaba road. It is a place that anyone visiting Mumbai visits wants to visit and 2 reasons that have attributed to that are a) its mention in the novel Shantaram and b) for it was one of the places that was showered with bullets during the 26/11 attack on Mumbai.

But then again after that unfortunate incident, Leopold's was back on its feet as soon as possible, much stronger and much more famous.

I was there a few weeks back with a friend of mine to go and have beer there. I had been in Mumbai for more than 2 months and i still hadnt been there. I am sure for both of us, me and my friend, it wasnt the beer that made us go there. We could get the same beer anywhere else closer to our house but then the place had a charm that we went from one corner of the city to the another to just be there.

When we reached there around 9pm, it was jam packed, choc a block, we had to wait 15mins to get a table and that too we had to share it with some people but we didnt mind doing that. There were all sorts of people there young, old, middle aged, rich, super rich, middle class, upper middle class, indian, foreigners all of us sitting in the same area, rubbing chairs and shoulder with each other but enjoying ourselves, and that was the best part, you didnt have to worry about who the guy sitting next to you was, he could be an actor, celebrity, business tycoon but they and you care about is enjoying that glass of cold beer(any other drink too) with all the noise around you but still be at peace.

One more fact, beer pitchers in Leopold's are not exactly pitchers, see below :)

So guys if you are in Mumbai, then you should definitely go to Leopold's sometime


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