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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Chilli flight is no where near to landing!!

wow..its been sometime since i ve updated the blog..partially bcos i was busy with conducting Enigma, my institute's online quiz event.

Coming back to this post....its about Ms S...well last i heard from her air hostess friend was that Ms S had declined to read the blog....on hearing this all i could do was laugh...i mean it was kinda expected..but denise the menace wud say "never say die" and as it is said in rocky "fighters always fight".....the hope that one day Ms S wud read this wud stay alive....or even if i travel aboard spicejet...i mite find Ms S there..with her hair falling in front of her eyes...damn tht was such a cute moment..

well midterms r on my head n havent started i better get to the any case the blog will be updated...exms or no

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