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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Hello Hello Hello!!


How are you all...Hope everyones rocking on in their own way :D :D
I have been away for a long time, not for not wanting to write but for not having enough time to write stuff here :), all my time was taken up by writing official emails and alot of other things at work.. sales in a DTH model is an interestingly tough thing to do :)
But now I have shifted to a new role and have moved to Mumbai as a Brand Manager in my company... i hope things go well from here on..
Anyways i hope to be back to blogging now as i should have much more time to write stuff now..
Btw has anyone read the book "My friend Sancho" and "Bunker 13"... if not..then do read them..
hope to hear from all of you soon :)


Vandita said...

Hey Mav
good to see u :)
Mumbai sounds nice ... congos on the Brand Manager profile.
I've read My friend Sancho, loved it... what's Bunker13 about?

Mysterious Mia said...

welcome to the city of dreams.....

so how is the city treating u so far....n ya waiting to read more of yur stuff....jaldo likho

maverick said...

hey bunker is amazing :) thanks for the r things at ur end

maverick said...


hey..well just been 2 days work n commuting to n from work is taking up time :)