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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Freekick win & Mookaamboor trip

hmmm..its been sometime since i ve updated the blog...and this line seems to be becoming pretty common been a lil hectic out dats why the blogs not been updated...

for starters we won the football tournament this time around. Finally sweet victory....loved the moment when the final whistle of the finals blew and also of ran towards each other to celebrate...its going to be one of those unforgetable moments in life..D feeling that we are the winners sank in only 3-4 hours after the match got over...n trust me it was an unbelievable feeling....

moving n my frnds went to mookaamboor dam a few days was an amazing site...water all over...lush greenery...coconut tree groves.....the setting sun...n a bunch of mischief makers( here n there....jumping on to swings like kids....splashing water on each other....posing for the kodak moments....loved every moment of it.....and before i forget...the drive to mookaamboor is all along the banks of cauvery which makes it all the more beautiful and fun....chk the pics in my orkut album....

anyways exams are starting from the 13th...n my schedule for that is pretty screwed up..but thats ok....thats something as managers we are good at

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