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Sunday, September 23, 2007

KK Concert and Rock Show @ NIT Trichy

Exms are going on in full swing now...6 gone...1 more to go...and to refresh myself..i ve been attending music concerts back to back at NIT Trichy(NITT) during their annual cultural fest Festember..
Well yesterday there was KK's concert at NITT in the evening...and wat a scene it was...there was a huge amount of greenery in the aridness of of greenery here and there..never before seen such greenery in Trichy coming back to the pt..well there was long queue and that too a separate one for girls n guyz(this happens in TN, actually disgusting..but then cant help it)...finally after an hr long wait in the queue...and alot of pushing we finally got into the BARN(the auditorium)...5minutes went by and then the lights went off ...the stage illuminated and KK appearedd...the crowd was as if Angelina Jolie had just gotten up drapped in just a towel on 70mm(the cheering dont get
KK sang some famous Hindi Yaaron,Pal,Hum dum suniyo re and some tamil numbers also....had to get back to my colg by 9.30 so left the show then n there...had to watch the awesome India -Aussie match..n wat a match it was...YIIPPPPPPEEEEEEEe...
Today went for the rock show at NITT, the closing event for Festember...a band named Planetella had come down from Chennai for performing...and trust me it was a good show...they played good rock music...a few covers...and a few of their owns(good songs..something expected from winners of Sarang- IIT Madras fest)...Sweet home alabama by lynyrd skynyrd , Purple haze and foxy lady by Jimmy Hendrix(awesome performance on these 2 songs) were a few of the covers they played...all in all an hour full of absolute rocktainment...
Had missed all this since attending some rock concerts in Pune n damn it felt amazing to go back to being in the crowds and cheering up the rock bands....simply amazing.....Rocktaiment.....

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