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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Conversation between two business tycoon

A recent conversation between Bubroto Toy and Bijay Ballya

Bijay Ballya - Bubbu, come become a part of Indian F1 team.

Buboroto Toy - U dawg!! What Indian F1 team, stop bullshitting me, it is based out of UK and you call it an Indian

Bijay Ballya - Ha ha ha ha..that is my gimmick. U want in?? We can make lots of money from it but  u need to invest in it.

Buboroto Toy - Hmm...okie dokie..chal u r my yeh le 100 million...jaaa aish kar

Bijay Ballya - Tu sacha dost hai yaar!! Yeh dost hum nahi todenge!!

A few months later, more recently, a conversation between the 2 friends overheard..

Bijay Ballya -  Dost, dekh tere liye, apni team ka naam bhi change kardiya.."Hindustan Ki force Bahar- aa" (toasting with Kingfisher blue)

Buboroto Toy - Waah kya naam diya hai..acha tell me..teri is it going? (taking a sip of the beer)

Bijay Ballya - Fatti padi hai!! No money to pay money to buy money to pay AAI and the govt authorities...samajh nahi aaraha..kya karoon!! (gulping down a big sip of Kingfisher beer).. 

Sms beeped on Bijay's phone..

Bijay Ballya - yeh lo, i have transferred 20 million into the F1 team...(high fives Buboroto)...

Bijay Ballya - Acha dost, airlines chalane ke liye paise de naa!!

Buboroto Toy - Acha de doonga...but you will have to rename the airlines!! Are you ready for that..

Bijay Ballya - Ok..i will do it....

Buboroto Toy  - "Kingfisher ko udane ka Sahara" ...

PS - This is totally fictional...


m.flowerr said...

Firstly, thanks for dropping onto my blog. BTW,a good blog you have out here.Will try and be a regular. Cheers!

maverick said...

@m.flowerr thanks :) do keep visiting :)