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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Era of convenience foods

The era of convenience foods has arrived in urban India.

The latest entrants in this segment have been unleashed by Nestle - Milkmaid creations and Maggi Juicy specialz. 

Maggi Juicy Specialz - Ready to eat Indian dishes which take 5 minutes to cook. Targeted at the urban nuclear upper middle class households; especially ones with working women who don't have the time to cook diner in the evening after a long and tiring day at work or at bachelors living independently who can  afford a microwave but are largely inept in the art of cooking.

Milkmaid Creations - Easy and fast to cook range of Indian desserts, from Besan laddoo to Eggless cakes!! Who has the time to make laddoos, kheer or cakes at home anymore!! This is a dream come true for the urban nuclear upper middle class households, where even on a weekend if you were to make a dessert it would seem like a herculean task. Although, they are priced at a premium, i believe it would be worth it as it making a good dessert on your own gives an amazing sense of achievement to the chef!! So bang on Nestle with this one!!

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