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Friday, June 15, 2007

finally i m here

well never really gave blogging a serious thot but then here i am..i dunno if there's gonna b a flow to the posts that are gonna b added to the blog..mostly they wud b random..but then they wud b based on my life so lets see how this turns out...

for those who are wondering abt the name of the blog..then the inspiration for it has come from Rocky 6...simply love the movie for the way the spirit and the will to go on has been shown.

One thing a swimmer doesnt forget is to swim..a boxer doesnt forget is to box...a biker doesnt forget is to ride a bike...and a FIGHTER doesnt FORGET how to FIGHT....and as Rocky Balboa says in the movie ...

the world aint it all sunshine and rainbows...its a very mean and nasty place..and no matter how tough u will keep you under its knees forever if you let it.....u, me or nobody are gonna hit as hard as life..but it aint about how hard u hit..its about how hard u can get hit and keep moving much u can take and keep moving forward...that is how winning is if u knw what u are worth..then go out n get it...but u must be willing to take the hits...that is how winning is done!!!

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siddharth said...

great lines mate, you have an amazing blog, have read most of the posts,the pune and the delhi ones were most interesting....:-)