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Friday, June 22, 2007

leaning out of the train at 100kmph!!!

have you ever stood at the door of the train and leaned out when its moving at full speed(exceptions beging rajdhani and shatabdi)....i have...and most of the time i do when i m travelling by train..
sitting on the berth or lying down is just too boring for me. for me, i like to stand on the door or sit on the footsteps at the door of the coach and feel the air gush into my face..the most recent train journey that i took was to pune to catch up with my old friends n office colleagues...
the journey started at 3 frm nizammudin station and it was pretty hot n humid too stand out at the door at the pt of the i jus sat in my berth..watched the antics of the co passengers and just kept waiting for dusk so that i cud go out n get a feel of the air..
arnd 7 pm after crossing gwalior...i jus went out..opened the doors..tightened my cap(had lost one earlier like just leaned out to feel the fresh air coming into my face at about me u ve to experience that feeling to knw it...its a truely awesome feeling...the wind coming into ur face at that speed and u r balancing urself at the door with just a grip on the side bars of the coach..most might call it dangerous..risky..stupidity..etc etc..but then most stuff that gets anyone going has to contain an element of danger,risk and stupidity in it..the feeling gets even better wen the trains crossing a bridge over some river....the view is awesome....u can check some of the pics on my album in orkut...this time i was adventurous enough to take a few snaps frm my cellphone will leaning out of the continued the next day into maharashtra where one could see vast stretches of farms waiting for the monsoons to arrive..till i arrived in pune in the evening....
all in all this is something i crave for wen i m in a train..and soon im gonna b doing this again for a lil while wen im leaving for Trichy from chennai for my B skool to start of my final yr....hopefully that being a totally night journey should be more fun than this was...

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