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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Waking up to the roar of the Su 30 MKI

Have u ever wondered what it is like to wake up to the roar of the Su 30MKI taking off??If you havent then ask sumone whose lived in pune near the lohegaon airbase or near the bangalore airbase(2 airbases where Su 30MKI's are stationed)..believe me having lived near the lohegaon airbase its an awesome awesome experience...n for sumone like me whose a fighter aircraft fan..its the best wake up alarm...

i used to stay near the airbase for one yr when i was working with the software development centre of the worlds second largest bank(any guesses??) and it so happened that our president dr kalam was to go for a ride in the Su 30 MKI at the airbase here...

2-3 weeks before the event..the preparations were on in full swing...every morning the SU 30MKI's and the Jaguars stationed at the base used to take off for their routine sorties...and damn..the roar was amazing wen the plane was jus abt to was a defeaning roar..the kind of roar u ld love to hear from a fighter aircraft..the dogs wud bark...the window panes wud shatter..the security alarms wud start tinkering off...but for jus brought a nice smile on my face..

a smile that reminded how magnificent that machine was....a smile that reminded of a dream i had once of becoming a fighter pilot...well will add on more abt those 2-3 weeks of amazing fighter aircraft shows that went on over the skies of pune..but as of now im off to pune...hopefully i ll get to hear the roar of the Su 30MKI again....

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